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3 Common Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

A hiring manager that has a very busy schedule will not take a second glance at a badly written resume. It’s the first medium that will speak of and for you, so how the resume is put together should be very well thought of.

Here are three common mistakes that people commit when making their resumes.


Misspelled words and typographical errors

More than your spelling and grammar aptitude, misspelled words and typographical errors show your keenness on details and thoroughness or lack thereof. These are some of the things that employers are closely looking at, especially for positions that require attention to details. A lot of misspelled words and errors can be indicative of how fit you will be for the position, so take time to check your resume.

Incorrect contact information

Of all mistakes that you can commit, do not make this one. Putting the incorrect contact information can cost you your whole application! Even if your credentials and work experience fit the job position very well, if the employer cannot contact you, they will consider other applicants over you.

Double check your numbers, and email addresses. When you put several numbers, make sure those are actual numbers that you are using and answer to. Otherwise, you might miss their call. After all, with all else being equal, timing and availability are the next best considerations when hiring someone. Do not let this little mishap cost you a good opportunity.

Unorganized information

The entirety of your resume depends on how well you put the necessary information. How well you put your resume together consist of its content and format.

Content-wise, do not put too many information that you would end up cluttering your resume. Keep it straight to the point, with only the key work experiences making up most of the resume content.

Format-wise, there are several things you might want to avoid. Firstly, do not use too many fonts! Keep your font clean and professional looking. While the nice freehand and cursive fonts might look good on your personal websites, these will make your resume look tacky and unprofessional. Keep to fonts that are clean like Arial, Helvetica or Calibri. If you need to use different to delineate or give emphasis to your headers, then use at most two font types to keep the layout clean but functional.

Secondly, space your sections properly. You can use single space for the body of your resume and skip two spaces to delineate the next section. You can put the personal information on the first section or the header, followed by the past work experiences. You can also use the reverse chronological order in putting your work experiences, starting from the most recent to the least. Keep the list relevant, and remove the job experiences that have nothing to do with your current application.

Overall, how you put your resume together, should be easy to understand and pleasing to the eyes. Most importantly, it should contain the necessary information to know if you fit the job, and if you are, then how can they reach you.

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