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Having your own info-product is essential to creating the most profit online, but the thought of creating your own info-product can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before. Even for those who have, starting a product from scratch can be a monumental undertaking, something that can deter even the most dedicated and committed Internet marketer.

Fortunately, there are ways to come up with info-products very quickly; we will go over three of these ways below.


The first way is to use outsourcers from sites such as the following


Find a listing from one of these sites that can create the infoproduct you are looking to create. The amount of detail and the cost will vary by site; Fiverr is a good place to start if you have never used outsourcing before and just want to create a basic infoproduct.

For more detailed and intricate infoproducts, you may wish to use an outsourcer from one of the other sites listed above, as they can usually do more detailed work for a higher cost. Provide the details of the infoproduct project you have in mind to the outsourcer, provide the timeframe, negotiate the price, and hire the outsourcer to do the work. You may have to use a different outsourcer to create an appropriate infoproduct cover if the first outsourcer cannot do the cover.

A second quick way to create an info-product fast is to use private label rights (PLR) products involving the topic you want your info-product to be on. PLR products allow you to use those products in virtually any way you choose. It is advisable you or an outsourcer modify the original PLR product to include more current information (especially if the PLR product is older), as well as to modify the style of writing to reflect your style of writing so that it appears you created the info-product from scratch. You or an outsourcer should also modify the PLR product cover as well to make it appear as if the product is brand new and not based off of a PLR product.

A third quick way to create an info-product fast is to talk your info-product out using speech-to-text software. Both Windows and Mac computers come with Speech Recognition Software programs that will allow you to talk to your computer and have it write out the words you speak.

Many people find it easier to compose information by speaking it rather than writing it. Using such software (which is usually available on mobile devices as well) can help you to easily compose information into a document and then turn that into an info-product.

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