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Foreclosure short sales occur when a mortgage lender agrees, in conjunction with the current homeowner, to sell a property for less than the amount owed. For example, a mortgage has an outstanding total of $150,000; the home may sell for $125,000 or less. In most cases, just the outstanding mortgage is taken into consideration not the home’s value.

As nice as it is to know what a foreclosure short sale is, you may be looking for more information. Namely, who benefits. Honestly, everyone involved. Without a short sale, the home will enter into foreclosure. So, who does benefit and how?

short sales

The Homeowner

When a homeowner gets their mortgage lender to agree to a short sale, the home is listed for sale immediately. This is done either through a professional real estate, for sale by owner, or for sale by the mortgage lender. Since the home is reduced significantly in price, it will usually sell. The homeowner is able to escape foreclosure. Yes, they still must relocate, but they do so of their own free will. There is no formal eviction notice sent.

Since the soon-to-be foreclosed home will sell just like any other home, the homeowners are able to salvage their credit rating. Yes, it will appear that they did not pay their entire mortgage, but some is better than none. A foreclosure short sale also shows that the homeowner did not avoid the problem by hoping it went away. Instead, they took action. In as little as two years, the homeowner could get financing for a personal loan, new home loan, or automobile loan.

Most who have their homes foreclosed on, find themselves in a pinch. That foreclosure will appear on their credit report for at least seven years. This comprises their ability to get a job that requires a credit check, purchase a new automobile, receiving financing for a new home, and so forth. In fact, the consequences of foreclosure are endless. That prompts may to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is not the solution. It also appears on credit reports. By agreeing to a foreclosure short sale, this is all avoided.

The Homebuyer

The home buyer, which could and should be you, benefits the most from foreclosure short sales. As previously stated, a foreclosure short sale involves selling a property for less than the outstanding mortgage. This gives you the opportunity to get a fantastic deal. Essentially, mortgage lenders just want their money. If a homeowner already paid $50,000 towards their $100,000 home, they are in a good position. They still received a good percentage of their money, but they want more.

In desperate situations, that mortgage lender may accept anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000.

The Mortgage Lender

Many people wonder why a mortgage lender would agree to a short sale. Wouldn’t they rather get the full amount of the outstanding mortgage or resell the home for its appraised value? Yes, they would, but the current state of the real estate market makes this difficult, if not impossible. For that reason, most agree to a short sale.

A foreclosure short sale saves mortgage lenders both time and money. It is no secret that foreclosure proceedings are timely and costly. A home can spend months in foreclosure. A lender is responsible for all costs associated with foreclosures, including attorney fees, filing fees, and the cost of eviction. This cuts into their profits. A foreclosure short sale is a cheaper and quicker alternative.

Not only does a foreclosure short sale save a lender time and money, but it also gets them money. When the property sells, the money goes directly to the mortgage lender. Since these properties are rarely on the market for long, due to their reduced price, the mortgage lender receives their money quicker than they would through foreclosure proceedings.

As you can see, everyone profits from a foreclosure short sale. So, if you are new to buying real estate, don’t worry about the homeowners or mortgage lenders. There is no need to feel bad. Actually, you are doing them a favor and making a profit at the same time!

short sales
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