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There are several advantages or benefits digital products have over physical products. When it comes to eBooks, buyers don’t have to take up any space in their homes or apartments to store them. Instead, they can just use their PC/laptop or mobile device (smartphone, tablet, or eBook reader) to access the eBook and the contents within.

For sellers, they don’t have to store eBooks in a warehouse like they would with physical books. All they have to do when a buyer purchases an eBook from them is to either attach the eBook to an email and send it to their inbox or send the download link in an email for the buyer to download at his/her convenience.

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The advantages for a buyer when purchasing a digital software program is that he/she doesn’t have to use a CD or DVD to install the software onto his/her computer; he/she can either use it when he/she is online or can download the program directly from the Internet and install it. The advantages for a seller when selling a digital software program is that he/she doesn’t have to physically ship the program to the buyer; instead, it is delivered digitally to the buyer, either to his/her email inbox via an attachment or via a download link where the buyer downloads it at his/her convenience.

When it comes to digital eBooks and software programs, they both have the advantage over their physical counterparts when it comes to updates. If an eBook or software program needs to be updated with new information or a new feature, all the seller has to do is to modify the main file or program, then send a notification to buyers via email that the eBook or software program has been updated and that it should be downloaded again to take advantage of the new information or feature.

To do that with a physical product, a seller would have to create the product again from scratch with the new information or feature, then advertise to the buyers that new information or features have been added and that the buyer should buy the product again to get the benefits of the new information or features. Obviously, digital products make it much more convenient for buyers and sellers than their physical counterparts.

Thus, digital products allow the buyers/users to not have to store them in their homes/apartments, but can use them like their physical counterparts. Digital products allow sellers to avoid having to carry inventory of physical product; they just have to deliver the product digitally to the buyer either as an attachment to a message in the buyer’s inbox or as a download link inside that message for the buyer to download at his/her convenience. In addition, updating digital products is much easier for sellers and more convenient for buyers to take advantage of than is the case with physical products.

digital products
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