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When selling a digital product especially one loaded with benefits, you need to have a place to host it, and you also need to have a place that can process the order and send the customer to the download area to download that product. While you can host the product on your own site and set up a download area so the customer can download your product, there are advantages to using JVZoo to do this for you.

JVZoo is an ecommerce platform that allows you to process people’s orders of your product and enable them to download your product easily. You can easily process credit card or PayPal orders so that people can instantly download your product.


JVZoo has a secure download area on their site that only allows people with authorized access to access and download your product; if they don’t have their credentials, they can’t access your product, providing an extra layer of protection. JVZoo also makes it easy to process refunds if the person is not satisfied with your product and requests a refund.

Another reason why it’s beneficial to use JVZoo is that it is easy to recruit affiliates to promote your product. You can have your product listed in their product catalog. Then, if an interested person wants to promote your product, they can click on the “Request” link next to your product listing. You can then have the interested person contact you and let you know how they will promote your product, how big their list is, how much experience with marketing they have, etc. in order to help you decide whether to accept or reject their affiliate request.

That is another benefit of using JVZoo; just because a person requests to become an affiliate doesn’t mean you have to accept them; you can choose to reject them for any reason you wish, giving you more control over who can promote your product.

Therefore., there are several benefits of using JVZoo to sell your product. It provides an easy way for buyers to order your product via credit card or PayPal, as well as provides an easy and secure way to download your product. JVZoo also makes it easy to refund anyone not satisfied by your product. Additionally, you have an easy way to recruit affiliates to promote your product, and you also have the ability to accept or reject anyone you choose in promoting your product.

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