Copywriting Tutorials and Lessons Basics 101

Copywriting is a field which you can learn through practice and education. If you find that you’re a good writer, the only nuance is that you must learn is how to write in a way that sells. Within this article today on copywriting tutorials and lessons, we will look at a couple of different books

How to Promote Your Green Marketing Strategy on Your Website

Your website should be the hub of all of your marketing activity. If you decide that you are going to offer a new line of green products and services, the first place to start marketing this fact will be your own website.

Tips for Pricing Your Green Products and Services

One of the most common questions in relation to green marketing and selling more eco-friendly products is what price should be charged for them. This can be a tricky issue because people who run a business, and their loyal customers, can often hesitate when it comes to changing prices

What Is Green Marketing?

Green marketing has two main aspects. The first is that it puts environmental considerations first when it comes to creating and selling products and services. For example, a lot of people use laundry services and dry cleaners. A green version of a laundromat would use cold water washing, water-efficient machines, gentle detergents, and energy-efficient washer and dryers. Some might even be solar powered.

Yes! You Really Can Launch That Dream Start-Up Business

They say that all of us have a book in us but it’s also true that all of us have an idea in us. Nearly everyone will have at some point had an idea for a business, for a product, for an app, or for a service. We all have ideas that we think could make money, maybe even have a positive impact on the world.
The problem is that we don’t have the know-how to make it happen, or the time. Or the money