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We live in a free market. That signifies that somebody who is going to succeed has to know how to win customers away from the competition. This is no place for compassion accepted that if you win customers away from your competitor, they will lose business which will make it harder on them to pay their costs. That is not your trouble. By building a solid methodology for winning new consumers, you can capture each and every one of the lawn care market you require from the local markets and see your business be successful.

Bidding on a new job and winning a new consumer is as much an art as the work of lawn care is. As the proprietary of your lawn care firm, it falls to you to do consumer relations and win new consumers. There is one point to keep in mind about how to bid on a job and that is that winning the job is about a many more than the bid.


You would think that if you can bid the reduce price, you will get the job. But residence owners and property managers are smarter than that. They know that just employing the cheapest lawn care firm is not a good idea. If that lawn care firm makes a mess of their property, they finish with a much worse circumstance than is justified by the few dollars they saved on that bid.

Your recognition is a huge part of your presentation to a potential new consumer. If you must present all of your credentials in a bid or an RFP (Request for Proposal), make that document well grounded in the things that are vital to consumers. You can bid a higher cost than a few of your competition and still win the bid if the consumer is satisfied you are prestigious and that you will do a fantastic job on their lawn or the grounds of their business.

So include a few text discussing your environment, how long you have been in business and a few notable consumers who have used you for years. If you come by a consumer the prospect might know, include that consideration letter or drop that customer's name in the proposition. The prospect will select up the phone to check that you are doing a fantastic job for that consumer and that live consideration is solid gold in placing your bid ahead of the rest.

Future consumers want to know that you believe you are the absolute company for the job. You can endorse that by this includes an enticing offer that is difficult for the prospect to refuse. Give the prospective consumer a "coupon" for the first yard care session at no cost. That bills you the labor, time and gas to do the free service. But it is a strong marketing tool that invariably results in a contract for long time service. Also do not be afraid to include an iron clad, no questions asked certify of satisfaction with your work. Good consumers will not abuse that and they will feel confident in utilizing your service knowing you stand behind your work with that powerful a certify.

Learning to write a good proposition is a aptitude you will create over time. There is no "one way" to write a good bid so you can utilize your own personality and style in placing together your proposition to the consumer. If doable present your bid to the consumer in person. Then you can utilize your charm and resolve rapport which is even more efficient. But by becoming capable at winning new consumers, you will have a crucial aptitude that will go a long way toward guaranteeing that your business will have a long and prosperous future ahead of it.


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