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Facebook Ads Advice

Facebook doesn’t beat around the bush with its ad creation program. Since ads are very simple, text-based creations on this site, it’s very easy to get going. To complete this step, you’ll need to have basic information for your desired ad at the ready.

The boxes you’ll need to fill in include:


Your URL

This is the landing page for successful clicks. You can use your business URL or create a whole new landing page specifically for Facebook ads. There are some advantages to doing either that we’ll talk about later. For now, all you need to know is that a destination URL is required. Make sure if you mention a URL in the ad body that it also matches the information you filled into the URL field during ad creation.

The ad title

To capture Facebook user attention, you’ll want a catchy headline to go in here. Unlike Google’s ads that are highly keyword oriented, Facebook ads don’t necessary require such calculation. You will, however, want to create a headline that states your purpose while drawing viewers’ eyes.

Your body text This is the meat of the ad and tells viewers a little bit more about what you’re selling. You’re only allowed 135 characters here, so writing tight is a must.

An image

Adding a picture graphic to an ad is optional, but it can be very important for catching people’s attention. If you have a picture of your product or something that illustrates your service well, adding it is well worth the effort.

Once you fill in all the necessary blocks, Facebook will generate a preview of your ad for you to see. The creation process is simple and fast. It results in a very basic block ad that Facebook will run on the sides of targeted viewers’ pages.

A finished ad will not be large, nor will it take up a lot of a viewer’s screen. It will, however, stand out and capture attention if it includes a strong headline and/or a solid image to pull viewers’ eyes away from the main Facebook page they are looking at and over to your page!

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