Rising From The Ashes (ebook with MRR)

There comes a time in every person’s life when they have tried to make a change, and for some reason or another, that change was not successful. This can be profoundly discouraging, and even send us on a downward spiral. Whether we think we have everything figured out or not, the unforeseen obstacles that seem […]

Self-Discipline Mastery GOLD (video with mrr)

Discover How You Can Master Self-Discipline And Build The Mental Strength. This is 10-part, step-by-step video course that’ll show you the tools, techniques and top tips to finally succeed and get results! Video lessons are: 4 Reasons Self-Discipline Leads To Self-Growth 4 Ways Self-Discipline Contributes To Sucess In The Workplace 5 Questions To Ask Yourself To […]

Self-Discipline Mastery (ebook with mrr)

This is a highly detailed and step-by-step guide about how to build mental strength to stop making excuses, resist temptation, and finally reach your goals. This course is a series of guides that are designed to teach you everything you need to know about mastering self-discipline. Here is what you will find inside: Pinpoint what […]

Killing Depression (ebook with mrr)

Most people associate depression with a weak mind or a negative attitude. Social stigma is causing the sick to continue suffering alone.  With $80,000,000 lost in loss of productivity and health care for this mental illness, it is important that we remove this social stigma once and for all. Imagine waking up with energy, ready […]

Growing Your Self-Confidence (ebook with mrr)

Self-confidence comes from within. Outside stimulation may help but it would all still boil down to knowing yourself and using that knowledge to gain confidence. To get self-confidence, you must realize that your limitations must not limit you and your attributes must not destroy you. Instead, use all these factors to develop a personality that […]

A Mindful Moment (ebook with mrr)

With most of us living fast-paced lifestyles trying to balance work, family and social lives can take it’s toll on our mental and physical wellbeing. Learning to meditate can bring a sense of calm and inner happiness to our lives and help promote feeling of peace and tranquility that often times get lost when we […]

The Meaningful Life (ebook with mrr)

Have You Found Your Life‘s Purpose Yet? Does Your Life Have True Meaning? This is a question that everyone should ask themselves at some point: what is their life‘s goal? What is their purpose for being here? What are they most passionate about and most driven to accomplish? The problem is that most of us […]

The Meaningful Life Video Upgrade (with mrr)

This video course will help you discover how to find your life purpose so you can live a life of significance and know exactly what to do each day. When you find your calling, your life‘s purpose, you‘ll know precisely what it is that you want to accomplish and so you‘ll know where you want […]

Discipline 101 (ebook with mrr)

Everybody has some addictions or habits they wish they could overcome, like smoking, excessive eating, laziness, procrastination or lack of self-assertiveness. To overpower these habits or addictions, one needs to have will power and self-discipline. They make a big difference in everybody’s life, and bring inner strength, self-mastery and decisiveness. With this ebook you will […]

Power Mindset Mastery (ebook with mrr)

This product isn’t just another self-help type of eBook; it’s a full-blown 10 Chapter book containing PROVEN and Time-Tested Tools and Strategies that you can use immediately to achieve anything that you want out of life! When you learn the techniques and strategies in this book, you will understand the true power of your subconscious mind and […]

Mastering Your Destiny (ebook with mrr)

Every one of us has a special purpose on this planet, and a singular life that belongs to us and us alone. Each of us has a duty to honor the purpose that we were meant to serve, and we are allowed to continue to create the changes that need to be made in order […]

365 Manifestation Power (ebook with mrr)

365 Manifestation Power is a personal transformational course designed to help you – or anyone – discover his or her inner desire and passions, and manifest them into reality.  The idea of manifestation does not discriminate your age, profession, gender, current circumstances in life, religion, or creed. The only criteria is having an open mind and willingness to […]