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Sometimes when the pressure becomes too much, it helps to transfer your internal stress to an external object. No, this does not mean slashing a tire or kicking a dog, though given what follows, those actions may seem rather tame in comparison! We will take a look at ten ways you can relieve yourself through physical actions.

The first method is usually what comes to mind when most people think of actions designed to relieve stress: squeezing the life out of a stress ball. A tennis ball can substitute for a stress ball. You could also use one of those grip strengtheners available from fitness outlets.stress

The second method is for those who do not want to pull any punches: hammering and pounding a boxing bag, externalizing your stress in the dead weight that hangs before you. This is not only an effective form of stress relief; it is also an effective form of aerobic exercise. It is ironic that stress may have some health value for you after all!

The third method is guaranteed to send a shock through your system and displace stress in the process: sprinting as hard as you can for as long as you can. If you are brave, you may decide to sprint up a hill or some other steep incline. This kind of intense burst of activity will produce endorphin in your body,
the natural anti-stress drugs.

The fourth method comes from the cult comedy movie Office Space: totally trashing a piece of technology! This is a good one for those of you who have to contend with the annoying quirks and irritating foibles of modern technology. In the movie, the characters trash an office printer/copier that has been the source of untold grief. So if you feel like expressing your primal side, grab a baseball bat and reduce a piece of technology to a metal-and-silicon scrap heap!

The fifth method is a classic one for those annoying bosses and other risks to your sanity: the good ol' dartboard. Pin the visage of your nemesis on the dartboard and puncture that smug expression!

The sixth method may not be to the political tastes of everyone: visiting the local shooting range. There is something psychologically disarming about firing a gun, something that leaves you feeling pretty mellow after the act. If wielding a gun is not to your liking, or if you do not know of a local shooting orange, consider an excellent substitute: paintball skirmish. It is almost impossible to jump into action with a paintball gun, go wild, have laughs, and still remain stressed out in the end.

The seventh method is for the couch potato: a shoot-'em-up video game or something else full of action and daring adventure. Although it would be better for you to get outside and do something more active, playing a video game at least lets you relieve yourself vicariously through the victories of your game

The eighth method is a good one if you have a circus or fair in town or something similar: bumper cars. It is probably the closest thing to Fast-and-the-Furious car action that you can legally get away with doing!

The ninth method is for all you motorcyclists out there: turning your nearest rural road into your own personal racetrack. The wind blowing in your face seems to have both a literal and figurative cooling effect.

The tenth and final method requires nerves of steel: treating yourself to the skydiving or bungee experience. Often a great way of dealing with stress is getting back in touch with your fear-based survival instincts and your will to live.

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