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It's incredibly easy to create a Facebook ad, to help promote your website. However, the approval process may prove to be something of a challenging surprise, judging by all the complaints on the net by people whose ads are not approved on the first try.

But don't waste time poring through Facebook's fine-print guideline, to see what strange, obscure marketing prohibition you've inadvertently flouted: The reason is likely to be as plain as the nose on Squidward's face.

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In a word, formatting.

You'll be told the reason, anyway, in your "Disapproval Letter". (This term always makes me think of stern lady schoolteachers wearing buns and glasses, circa 1960.) They just might not (pardon the pun) spell it out quite clearly...

The most common problems seem to be with:

  • Spelling
  • Capitalization
  • Unapproved fonts

(In other words, if you were hoping to sneak past the proofreader with a cleverly deliberate keyword in the form of a misspelling - forget it!)

Some marketers are used to being a little sloppy with grammar, spelling and formatting. There's usually no one to correct you - particularly when you are happily planning to pull the above sneakily-optimized keyword stunt. But one marketer I know almost had a coronary, trying to figure out the error that kept getting his Facebook ad rejected. He cross-checked his spelling "16 times over" and couldn't find a thing.

He had his mother check it, his sister, his girlfriend. Even his dog.

Eventually, he realized he had entitled his ad: "Arborists In The Attic", instead of "Arborists in the Attic". They nailed him on the capitalization. (Of course, the title has been changed here to protect the guilty.)

So before you dash off that incredibly easy Facebook ad and submit it... might be worth your while to bone up on your grammar.

And dig out your old Webster's Dictionary!


facebook ad
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