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Facebook ad creation is perhaps the most important and powerful way to get visitors to your brand in 2018.

Facebook is where advertisers like you have the ability to bore down through the 500 million Facebook users to target an audience that is predisposed to have an interest in your products or services.



Unlike Google that relies on keywords to make this happen, Facebook actually uses a combination of information that can produce fantastically precise results if your input is clear.

The targeting features provide two potential layers of boring down to help advertisers really zero in on their audience. The first set of questions asked in this section relate to:

Geographical location

Advertisers can hone in on very specific geographical demographics if they so choose. Facebook enables ads to target every location, to different countries, specific states or provinces and can even delve further to target users from exact cities.

This feature makes Facebook ads beneficial for essentially anyone. An online marketer looking to generate traffic from international viewers can gain results. So can a dentist in Amsterdam, New York, who just wants to keep in touch with current patients and garner new ones. It all comes down to making the right targeting decision.


This area enables advertisers to target specific age groups and genders. Facebook’s users range in age from 13 to well into the 80s. For demographic purposes, however, the targeting selection stops at 64.

Advertisers can also target women, men or both with their ads. To comply with Facebook rules, advertisers do need to keep their age selections appropriate. Marketing alcoholic beverages to 15-year-olds will get an advertiser banned.

Likes and interests

This is where Facebook targeting gets very interesting. Advertisers are free to set a number of different “interests” into a parameter box. This is sort of like Google’s keyword targeting, but it is a bit more specific.

Unlike Google users who might type in “baby toys” to locate an item, Facebook’s users can set their interests and as many of them as they desire. When they do, Facebook and advertisers both know exactly what users are inclined to want to hear more about.

While Facebook’s standard targeting features enable advertisers to really narrow down their selections quite well, this program doesn’t stop with the basics. Advertisers can also select more features to help them better target the exact demographics they are after.

Some of the advanced demographical parameters advertisers can set include:


Advertisers are able to target Facebook users on their birthdays. This is a great way to make personalized contact and capture user attention.

Social networking interests

If advertisers so choose, they can target people looking for relationships. This is great for a variety of businesses, including cosmetics companies, perfumers, jewelers and more.

Relationship status

This feature enables advertisers to easily target the single set, married people, those who are engaged and individuals in current relationships. The benefits of this kind of targeting can be amazing for a wide variety of businesses.


If an advertiser wants to hone in on people who speak a certain language, Facebook enables them to do so. This can be particular beneficial for international companies and firms that are trying to break into new geographical locations.

Education and work

Advertisers can also target people based on the level of education they have and their listed workplaces or organizational affiliations.


Ads on Facebook can also target people based on their connections to certain pages, events, groups or applications. They can also target people who are not connected to a certain page, event group or application. It’s even possible for advertisers to hone in on the friends of people with the desired connections.

Targeting your ads on Facebook to match your ideal customer is not only possible, it's easy!

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