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First Time Homebuyers: 5 Reasons to Examine Short Sales

Are you looking to become a first time homeowner? If so, you may turn to foreclosures to save money. Unfortunately, foreclosure auctions are often jam packed full of professional investors. Yes, you can still try to buy a home in foreclosure, but the best option is to opt for a foreclosure short sale instead.

A foreclosure short sale is when the borrower and the lender agree to quickly sell the home. It is used as an alternative to foreclosure. To avoid poor credit markings and to avoid lengthy and costly foreclosure proceedings, both parties usually agree to a short sale. To quickly sell the home, its price is greatly reduced.

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Some mortgage lenders do take the home’s appraised value into consideration, but others opt for an amount near or smaller than the outstanding amount due on the mortgage.

So, why should you, as a hopeful first-time homeowner, target foreclosure short sales?

1 – Wide Range of Properties Available for Sale

It is most common to see single-family homes offered for sale via a short sale. With that said, you never know. Landlords are also struggling with the poor economy. Some are making poor financial choices and others are stuck with non-paying tenants. Not only can you find single-family homes for sale via short sales, but multi-family homes too. If you not only want to own a home, but profit too, live in one of the apartment and rent the other.

2 – Cheap Properties

As previously stated, foreclosure short sales are an alternative to foreclosures. Mortgage lenders have accepted the fact the borrowers cannot and will not pay them. Instead of taking a total lost and spending months and thousands of dollars in foreclosure proceedings, they agree to a short sale. In doing so, they are willing to take a small loss. This results in cheap properties for you.

Yes, short sale properties are sold at a reduced rate, but be cautious of those sold through deceitful lenders or real estate agents. They try to up the price and make more money. Before agreeing to a foreclosure short sale, compare the selling price with the home’s appraised value. It should be less.

3 – Typically Well-Kept Homes

Borrowers who approach their lender for a short sale are responsible individuals. They have just fallen on hard times. They are concerned with the short-term and long-term financial impacts of foreclosure. These individuals care, unlike those who sit in a home that they cannot afford waiting for an eviction notice. What does this mean for you? It typically means a well-kept home.

Those who opt for foreclosure short sales care about themselves, their reputation, and take pride in their home. They just can’t afford it any longer. These individuals take care of the property. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for those who receive an eviction notice during foreclosure to become unruly and even damage the property. In this instance, it means costly repairs.

4 – Can Profit Later

If you are a hopeful first-time homeowner, your goal is to find an affordable home, not make a profit. With that said, don’t forget about the long-term aspect. In five or ten years, you may wish to purchase a new home or relocate across the country. This involves a home sale. If you only paid $100,000 for a home valued at $200,000, you automatically make a profit. Throughout the years of owning and living in the home, upgrades are likely. These upgrades will only increase the home’s value, meaning more profit for you.

5 – Bargaining Power

If you are in good financial standing, have the ability to obtain financing, or have the needed financial resourced on hand, you are in a good position to bargain. If you know the property is being sold as a short sale, research the home’s appraised value. This should be on file with the mortgage lender, real estate agent, and should be public record. If you aren’t getting what you deem to be a good deal, bargain. If dealing directly with the mortgage lender, ask about obtaining financing through them. This result in a continuing relationship. If you have the needed financial resources on hand, state your price and offer to make payment right then and there.

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