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You do not need to wait until foreclosure proceedings start. Yes, you can get amazing deals on foreclosed properties, but there are other options too. These include foreclosure short sales and deeply discounted for sale by owner properties.

Foreclosure short sales occur when the homeowners or current home occupants cannot pay their mortgage. There is no foreseeable solution in the near future. They will lose their home. It is honestly just a matter of when. To save their credit score and to avoid costly and lengthy foreclosure proceedings for the mortgage lender, a short sale is decided on.


The mortgage lender agrees to sell for less than the outstanding mortgage debt. The lender will take a loss, but they still get some of their money and avoid foreclosure proceedings.

For sale by owner sales are often last minute attempts to avoid foreclosure by the delinquent borrower alone. Sometimes, the mortgage lender refused a short sale.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find soon-to-be foreclosed homes for sale. In some cases, they are risky. You need to target homeowners who have reached the point of no return. There are many steps for homeowners to avoid foreclosure. You need to familiarize yourself with these steps to save yourself time.

Loan reinstatement. With today’s economy, many individuals are finding themselves in the unemployment line. In some areas of the United States, it is difficult to find a job. It can take a year or more. In other areas, an unemployed person can find a job and be working in as little as a few weeks or months. Don’t avoid, but proceed with caution with individuals who are only facing temporary hardships. When dealing with for sale by owner homes, the owner can change their mind at any time before the final closing. If the current home occupant finds employment or gets their mortgage lender to work with them during these tough, but temporary times, you may be left out in the cold.

Loan modification. This shouldn’t be a major issue for you as a potential homebuyer. Most homeowners approach lenders with this option right from the start. A loan modification involves readjusting the interest rate, the monthly payments, or the overall term of the loan. Many homeowners, unless unemployed, can save their homes from foreclosure with loan modifications. If you want to do a good deed, offer the suggestion. If you want to make a profit, keep this to yourself. After all, the homeowner should already know about loan modifications. If not, it is their loss and your gain.

Foreclosure short sales. As previously stated, the decision to short sell is made by the mortgage lender and in agreement with the current homeowner or occupants. This is considered a last ditch attempt to avoid foreclosure. In most cases, short sales are a great way to profit from the real estate market. You must proceed with caution though. If a new homeowner just acquired a mortgage within the last year, they owe a significant amount on their mortgage. Always compare the home’s appraised value with the short sale selling price. Homes can depreciate. Remember your goal is to get a good deal and possibly resell for a profit.

For sale by owner properties. As with foreclosure short sales, proceed with caution with for sale by owner properties. You will always find homeowners who want to turn a profit. This means selling a home for more than it is worth. If you know the home is near foreclosure, use this as a bargaining tool. Those who are truly interested in avoiding foreclosure and protecting their credit will sell the home at a fair price. Aim for the outstanding amount on their mortgage, plus a small amount for first and last months rent at a new apartment.

As you can see, there are ways that a homeowner can avoid foreclosure. Use these steps to your advantage. Save time and money by opting for those who have reached the point of no return. If they don’t sell their home, foreclosure right around the corner.

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