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After you have created your digital product, you need to find affiliates to promote your product. While you can and should market your digital product yourself, if you’re the only one who is marketing your product, your sales and profit potential will be much lower because you can only reach so much of the Internet and the billions of people on it.

If you have affiliates also promoting your product, your sales and profit potential will be much greater because they will reach even more people who could have interest in purchasing your product.

promote your product

You can begin finding affiliates by contacting Internet marketers that you know and letting them know that you have created a product that you plan to release soon. You could allow them to have early access to the product to let them check it out and provide feedback on how to improve it.

Some of those marketers may be interested in promoting it, especially if they feel that their lists could benefit from your product. You can also encourage them to let other marketers they know about your product and whether they’d be interested in promoting it as well.

Another way to get affiliates for your product is if you use an ecommerce platform such as ClickBank or JVZoo to host your product and provide the buy buttons for your product. Their platforms make it very easy for you to gain affiliates for your product. You just add your product to their product library or listings and allow affiliates to promote the product.

When an interested person is checking the listings and sees your product, they can apply to become an affiliate by clicking the “Promote” button next to your product listing in the ClickBank Marketplace and entering their ClickBank nickname and optional tracking ID to get a personalized affiliate link to promote your product.

In. JVZoo, an interested person has to log in with their credentials, click “Affiliates,” then “Find Products,” then find your product listing and click “Request.” You have the option of choosing or rejecting their request based on how they plan to promote the product, how much experience they have, how big an email list they have, etc. Essentially, you can selectively choose which people you approve as affiliates on JVZoo.

Thus, you have some notable ways to boost the number of affiliates to promote your product. You can contact different Internet marketers you know and let them know about your product in an effort to recruit them. If you use the ClickBank and/or JVZoo platforms to host your product and provide order buttons, you can easily recruit affiliates by listing your product among their product listings.

If an interested person sees your product and wants to promote it, he/she can either get or request for a personalized affiliate link.

promote your product
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