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While AdSense is a phenomenal way to start earning income from a website, it's by no means the end game. There are many ways you can make more money once a site's proven its potential through AdSense. Though Google doesn't disclose how much of a cut they take from the ads they place on people's sites, experts estimate it at between 30% and 50%. If you cut out Google, that profit margin can be yours.

You can as much as double your income just from this one technique. Here's how to go about it.


Going Direct with the Advertiser

Let's say you have a site that's been making $500 a month on AdSense so far. That means that Google is making anywhere from $250 to $500 a month off your site.

Instead of using the Google network to sell your ads, why not go directly to the people who are advertising on your site?

Start by compiling a list of your advertisers. View your site from several different browsers, using free online proxies to change your IP.

This will give you a variety of different ads. It'll also show you ads that might only display in certain geographic locations.

Put all these advertisers in a big list.

Determining the Best Way to Approach the Advertiser

There are many different offers you could make the advertiser.

One of the easiest set-ups is to check if they have an affiliate program. If so, just sign up for their program and promote it on your site.

It.'s very possible that the ad you see on your site was already being promoted by an affiliate. That means that not only was Google collecting 30% to 50%, but so was the affiliate. That means that when you go direct as an affiliate, you'll make quite a bit more money.

Another way to monetize is to sell them leads. Just put a name, email and possibly phone number field in place of your ad. Collect user information, then sell the data to different companies.

Note: Yes, this is completely legal and ethical, provided you disclose everything.

Finally, you can simply offer to sell your ads to the advertiser at a cheaper rate than they're currently paying.

Making Contact

If you're going through an affiliate program, you'll never actually have to pick up a phone. Just click the sign up button.

If you're planning on selling leads or ads, you'll probably want to actually make a phone call to make your pitch.

The pitch is very simple: "You've been spending money on my site already, it seems to be working for you, and I'd like to give you a cheaper rate."

If you both split the savings from not going through Google, you'll both save/earn between 15% and 25% more.

These are very simple ways of increasing your AdSense income by taking your existing advertisers and going direct rather than using an ad network.

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