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When considering what topic you wish to create an info-product on, use Amazon Books to do quick niche research to determine what is popular and what is selling on the market today. Amazon lists the books that are selling the best in terms of customer reviews, plus it shows the number of books in each category and the dates in which they first appeared on Amazon.

Go to and type in a keyword or key phrase related to the topic you are interested in. See how many books are listed, including how many pages of books there are (i.e. total number of books in the category). Also check to see books on the first page of search results were published.


If the first page of search results don’t show many books or if the books that are there were written several years ago, you know that that topic is not the most popular and not the highest in terms of demand. Plus, check to see the number of reviews that each book on the first page of search results has; if the number of reviews is low (say, under 100 reviews), you know the topic is not that high in-demand. You really should consider finding another topic that is more in-demand if you really want to sell a large number of your ebooks.

Be sure to check the Kindle Edition listings as well, as those can differ from the regular, physical book listings in terms of sequence and in terms of the number of reviews. Especially if you plan to write an infoproduct book or have an infoproduct book created, you should pay attention to the Kindle Edition book listings, as this will give you a solid idea on how popular the topic you are considering is in digital book format.

If your topic doesn’t appear to be that popular, be sure to use the side panel and choose other related categories under “Books” to check other listings. You may find that a more specialized topic of the original topic you had in mind is more popular and provide a better topic to consider forming an infoproduct around.

Thus, using Amazon Books is a good way to do some quick niche research to learn if the topic you have in mind is a good idea for constructing an info-product around. By looking at the number of listings, the number of customer reviews, and the dates the books were published, you can quickly determine if the topic you had in mind for an info-product is likely to sell well or if you need to look at a related category or even an entirely different topic in order to create an info-product that will be popular and that will sell well online.

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