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When creating a digital product, many new Internet marketers will not focus much on naming the digital product. However, the title of your digital product is key to it gaining the attention of your interested target market. If the title you choose doesn’t garner the attention of your target market, it won’t sell well, even if the information inside of it is quality information. Thus, the name of your digital product is important.

To learn what you should name your digital product, look at similar products in your industry and see what they are named. See if there is any pattern or anything of note you can duplicate. This doesn’t mean you take their title word for word. Instead, if you have an email marketing eBook, and a competing email marketing eBook is called “Getting More Profits From Your Email Marketing,” you could use a similar structure to name your eBook, “How To Earn More From Your Email Marketing.”

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You should also look at websites such as (including their country-specific websites like, Barnes & Noble, Apple’s iBooks Bookstore, and Google Books to see what similar topic books in your industry are selling well on those platforms. See what the names of their titles are; you know that the titles are drawing the attention of their target markets due to the fact that the books are selling well.

You can also look at digital marketing platforms such as and see what their top-selling digital products are. See what the titles of these products are and see if you can use a similar structure to form your title. Again, the amount of sales these digital products are making tells you that the target markets for these products are paying attention to the titles and purchasing them.

While the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” unfortunately, that is exactly what people do when it comes to books, and especially when it comes to eBooks. With eBooks in particular, they can’t hold it in their hands, so they want to see a descriptive title and a vivid cover that gives them an idea of what is inside the digital product.

This is why you need to come up with a title that grabs their attention and entices them to purchase your product. The information above gives you some ideas on how to come up with notable titles that will grab your target market’s attention and get them to purchase your eBook.

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