How to Make the Dreaded “To-Do” List Work in Your Favor

Planning can be a challenge for everybody, but especially those who are not born within in word appreciation for organization and structure. If you find that you struggle with discipline and order, utilizing a to-do list may be exactly the step you need to take in order to get your life on track.

How to Think Positively to Achieve Success

A lot of cynical people believe that thinking positively is a crock. How is it possible that being obnoxiously optimistic is going to provide you with the tools that you need to become successful? No matter what you think it isn’t going to change the world around you, right?

Signs You are on the Path to Failure and What to Do About It

Nobody wants to fail. Failure is one of the most humiliating experiences that a human can endure. Whether this is because of survival instincts or simple societal pressures, nobody wants to be seen as incompetent or incapable, especially when it comes to living up to their own expectations and following their dreams.

The Biology of the Stress Response

It is often the case that you have to understand something before you can effectively deal with it. An understanding of the biological processes involved in stress will assist you in identifying what is happening to you at each moment as you enter a state of stress. This understanding may enable you to
counteract the patterns of your stress response. If nothing else, you will see that you are only a human being responding to external events in a human way.

The Basics of a Stress-Free Diet

The first connection between natural remedies and mental health was established when it was discovered that niacin cured pellagra. Since then, deficiencies in vitamins and minerals have been linked to all kinds of mental problems, including both stress itself and the proclivity toward stress. Even happy people can become depressed as the result of a niacin or folic-acid deficiency, reports Earl Mindell, author of The Vitamin Bible.

What the Net Offers for Stress Relief

“Hi, my name is Bob, and I am an alcoholic.” “Hi, my name is Jill, and I take ownership of my eating  problem.” If those two sentences pretty much characterize the images that flash through your mind when you consider reaching out to a support group for whatever it is that is causing you stress and anxiety, you can now take a moment to relax. The Internet has made the so-called anonymous support group of the past a largely irrelevant creature facing a rapidly nearing extinction.

The Stress Triangle

As an individual functioning in the world, you can have only three kinds of problems or stress: problems with yourself, problems with your relation to objects, and problems with your relation to other people. Problems with yourself may loosely be described as problems with your health; problems with your relation to objects may loosely be described as problems with your wealth; and problems with your relation to other people may loosely be described as problems with your relationships.

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