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Video editing is a process that can take up a lot of time and it consists of a lot of work that is really hard and really accurate. It is where you take a segment or a section of a video from the motion production footage and you add some special effects to it or you can add in some sound recordings as well to the video after the process of production.

There are a lot of different types of video editing software out there and not all of them are good or even worth the money. Some can range from being free to being eight hundred dollars or more. The choice is up to you but using software is not the only way to editing

With that being said the top three video editing tool packages that are out there on the market right now include the Sony Vegas Pro video editing software, the iMovie video editing software and the Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software.

With the Sony Vegas Pro video editing software you can use it on almost any computer that is Windows based and it goes for about four hundred and fifty dollars. This makes this software ideal because it can be widely used and it is well worth the price tag for all that it has to offer. Most people tend to overlook this software because people think that the Final Cut Pro video editing software is better but with Sony Vegas Pro you can combine several video formats together along several resolutions together and you won't have to recode anything at all.

Originally it was just an editor of audio but then Sony bought them and made it even better with more sound editing tools. There is no script codes used and there are also no certain hardware requirements that are needed to use it. This makes it easy to use for a fair price.

As for the iMovie video editing software you can get it for about eighty dollars and it works only with computers that are Mac based. With this software you can create a smoother playback with the frame stabilization tool, you can drag and drop pieces of video, and you can make the transitions easier and tons of other special effects. This software allows you to make time lines that are simple and it is very easy to use.

The third most popular video editing software out there is the Adobe Premiere Pro and you can find it for about eight hundred dollars and it can be used on computers that are based with either Windows or with Mac. This software has been around for more than eighteen years and its most popular feature is the talk to text tool; this allows you to say what you are looking for so you don't have to spend hours searching through all of the footage for just one quote.

These are just three examples of popular video editing software, there are a lot more out there and to be honest you don't even need software to edit videos, you can go online and use sources there or even have someone else do the work for you. Editing video is a particular art that takes a lot of dedication and passion to create the great entertainment that we see and hear on a day to day basis.

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