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With AdSense being one of the most popular ways to earn an income online, there have been quite a few tools released to make webmaster's lives easier.

Here are three of the coolest tools for setting up, using and managing AdSense ads.


The AdSense Sandbox Tool

What kind of ads will show up on your site? What kind of ads are already showing up on your site? What kind of ads are showing up on your competitor's site?

The AdSense Sandbox tool will give you a whole array of ad listings to look through.

This can help you start your campaign with certain advertisers blocked, or to optimize your page a bit more if you're finding a lot of irrelevant ads.

The sandbox tool can be found here:

AdSense Notifier

It can be very addictive to watch money coming in. How many times a day do you track your stats? Many webmasters will check their AdSense earnings as much as five times, ten times, even twenty times a day.

How much time does this take? Even if it just takes a minute or two each time, they add up. Also, every time you check your stats you're interrupting your work flow. It takes energy and time to get back into the flow.

You're also more likely to go off on other distracting activities (i.e. email, Facebook) after you start checking your stats.

AdSense Notifier is a free Firefox plug-in that will completely handle this for you. Basically, it'll check your AdSense earnings for you every 15 minutes and display it for you in the lower right corner of your browser.

This way, you'll always know exactly how much you've made today without having to break your workflow.

This tool can be downloaded here:

Alternate URL

If you have PSA ads displaying on your sites but you don't want to go through the trouble of setting up another ad network or finding affiliate products for all of your sites, Alternate URL is the perfect answer.

Alternate URL will find the best alternatives to AdSense for your website and place alternative ads on your site for you anytime a PSA ad would display. The revenue is split 50/50 with you and you're paid by PayPal every month.

If you run just one main site for the majority of your income, you'll probably want to find your own affiliate ads or use another ad service for your PSA ads. But if you have hundreds of sites that make up your income, Alternate URL will be a lifesaver.

You can register at:

These are three of the coolest, most unique tools available to AdSense publishers today.

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