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There have always been and probably will always be dangers when searching for things on the internet. Some of those risks include exposure to illegal or offensive information and the possibility of hackers getting into your information.

However., there are risks to everything you do; you just have to know how to avoid and deal with those dangers. Below is a list of tips to follow to always be safe on the internet when searching for things.searching

  1. Some search engines will warn you if you are about to come across some potentially dangerous material. This will not prevent you from having access to it, but from there you can decide if you still want to continue on to that page.

  2. Make sure that you use the most accurate wording when searching for information you need. This will help you to avoid coming across unwanted information and will get you to the place you need.

  3. Along with the most accurate wording when searching for things on the internet, use correct spelling too. This will also help you to avoid any unwanted information.

  4. Consider installing some filtering software on your computer. This will help protect you from pages that you can get scammed through and offensive or illegal materials that you don’t want any access to.

  5. Keep in mind that not all information on the internet is reliable. You can’t believe everything you see, so be cautious when on all websites. Hackers could be looming and bogus information may be displayed.

  6. Some search listings are paid for by companies to promote their products and services provided. Such things should have the wordings "Ad” or “Sponsored Results” and will usually appear at the very top of the page.

  7. Have a filter. It’s a good idea to filter your searches to what you want, especially when it comes to pictures. If there are things on the internet that you do not want to see or have access to, turn on the filter feature on your computer.

  8. Avoid common words in your searches. Those common words include “A” and “The”. These words are unnecessary.

Follow these tips if you encounter illegal and unwanted information on the internet:

  • If you ever come across something you consider to be illegal, such as child abuse photos or any other crimes, report them to the Internet Watch Foundation.

  • If you come across racism or terrorist content, these things should be reported to the police.

There are ways to be safe when searching and doing things on the internet. It’s important that you know some of these tips to ensure you are always being safe. There can be some very scary things on the internet, so it’s key that you know how to prevent those such things from invading your life, privacy, and computer.

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