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Secrets to a successful webinar

Achieve a performance that inspires, that makes your attendees want to engage with you. “How do you make performances memorable?“ Your concern when you speak shouldn’t be whether you’re going to sell. From the moment you start to speak, you will need to teach your audience.

You will have to be an expert in their eyes, work on your image, be relevant, with a goal in sight – your attendees, the people who will see your webinar and watch the replay must remember you permanently!

In this article, we are going to give you 4 tips to offer your attendees an exciting experience that meets their expectations!

1. Know your Audience

The first step in making a great webinar isn’t studying what you could say to impress your audience. You can say a multitude of things, but it is meaningless if you don’t know who you are talking to!

You need to know these 2 things before you create your presentation:

  1. Who is your prospect? You should have in mind the typical profile of the people you want to attract to your webinar. This is called the buyer persona. You must know the problems of the people you are going to address. Thus, you will be able to propose a subject and content that responds to what they expect.
  2. What are the habits of my target? If you are doing a webinar, it is because you have the feeling that you have the ability to attract an audience for a defined time, including a presentation, but also question/answer sessions, discussions. The question to ask yourself is at what times of the week they are available.

How do you get this information? There are various ways. You can directly ask your customers and you can conduct surveys with prospects to find out what they would like to know.

2. Format Ideas

There are no “right” or “wrong” formats for your . But there are some guidelines to follow.
Your audiences are not there to hear you talk about yourself. They have come to learn about their problem. You can talk about yourself, but no more than 10% of the total time of your webinar. Feel free to incorporate stories into your presentations. They are easier to memorize, and they highlight the of what you want to present. Calling on empathy, they allow you to bond with your audiences.

The “25-minute mark” – The human brain loses focus around 20 minutes of listening, which means it is harder to hold attention from then on. We usually observe the first participants who leave the conference after 25 minutes.

That doesn’t mean you have to do less than that, just schedule times that cut the flow of the presentation, engaging your audience every now and then. Plan surveys, quizzes, questions/answers from time to time to liven up – and resume with the full attention of your participants.

3. Encourage Participation

Getting real interaction is crucial to engaging your audience. An engaged audience will be much more likely to respond to your offers. Do not hesitate to encourage your audience to express themselves, to share their questions. They need to know quickly when they will receive answers to their questions, but also give them the impetus to speak up.

Inciting is also breaking the ice. The pre-webinar is often an interesting time to chat with the first comers and facilitate discussions during the conference. Approaching trivial subjects allows you to create a climate favorable to expression.

Finally, you can give the participants a boost by offering polls, games, and quizzes which will help make your presentation memorable, while allowing people to bounce back and discuss.

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