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Secrets to a successful webinar

You are organizing a soon, that is to say, an online conference in which Internet users can participate, and you want to promote it on the Web. There are lots of ways you can do this.

First of all, think about creating an optimized landing page on which Internet users can find the topics covered during the , the list of speakers, the date and time of the event, but above all a form to register.

After you have designed your landing page, the webinar promotion campaign can begin which means you can implement the following 6 ideas.

1. Installation of a Hello Bar banner

To promote a webinar, it is useful to install an advertising banner on your blog. There are WordPress plugins available for this. What is interesting here is the format of the promotional banner used since it will be installed at the top of your screen and occupy its entire width when you consult the blog concerned.

Very easy to customize, both in terms of text and colors, this banner is renowned for its good conversion quality. Suffice to say that it must be able to bring you participants for your online event.

2. Setting up an Exit Intent pop-up

An exit intention pop-up is a tool that can be useful for promoting a webinar as long as it is used on pages offering related articles with the theme of your event. Indeed, if the visitor is interested in the topic of your webinar, they are a prospect that you must convince to sign up for it.

3. A Video Teaser posted on YouTube

What better way to promote a webinar than posting a teaser video on YouTube? No need to make long speeches, only introduce yourself face-to-face before communicating the highlights of your event online.
Of course, to give even more weight to your video content, do not hesitate to introduce any additional speakers on your webinar. Then be sure to post your video on social media and encourage sharing with your followers.

4. A Link in your Email Signature

If you want to promote your webinar without being too intrusive, the following will interest you. However, it is necessary that you have a solid base of customers and/or prospects for such an action to be effective.

If this is the case, in your daily mailings, simply add in your email signature a link pointing to the landing page previously created.

5. Cleverly positioned CTA buttons

If you have your own blog, or you contribute to a third-party blog, and your webinar addresses a similar issue to the one you cover in your posts, visitors to those posts are potential participants.

Also, at the end of the content you create, add a CTA button inviting the user to participate in your webinar. Since the readers of your articles are also the target of your webinar, there is a good chance that the conversion rate will be good.

6. Social Network Posts

The potential of social networks is well established and to promote a webinar, they can be very interesting. Let your followers know the details and benefits of your webinar and invite them to share it with their network. There is no doubt that the word can spread fast when you do this.

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