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Secrets to a successful webinar

You know that running webinars is a great way to gain exposure for your business and generate leads and sales. In order to get the best results from your webinar, it is essential that you avoid the most common mistakes that others make when running your event

Here are the five most common webinar mistakes that you need to avoid:

1. Misleading Titles and Descriptions

Obviously, you want to attract as many registrants to your webinar as possible. In order to do this, it can be tempting to oversell your webinar or announce things that you won’t necessarily deliver. There can be no worse mistake than this. Misleading your webinar registrants is a road to disaster.

Besides the fact that the participants will not stay until the end of your webinar, they will also leave with a negative image of you and your business. You must do everything that you can to protect your reputation. While it can be scary not to have enough attendees at your webinar, it is better to accept a smaller audience whose expectations you will meet.

2. Not sticking to your Time Schedule as closely as you can

You need to decide how long your webinar is likely to last and let your participants know this. A successful webinar generally contains three parts: valuable content, the special related offer, and the questions and answers.

Someone who makes the effort to attend your webinar reserves time for you in their schedule. If your event goes way beyond the time you announced it can generate a lot of dissatisfaction.

3. Not using an Expert Presenter

Your performance should be the best it can be. With this in mind, you need to use an expert to present the content of your webinar. Participants are going to ask questions on your webinar and the presenter needs to be able to answer these in a professional and confident way. If they are not an expert in the subject this will damage your reputation.

To avoid any embarrassment, make sure that the person you choose as the presenter has a perfect understanding of their subject, as an expert.

4. Using your Webinar only to promote your Products and Services

Your attendees are signing up for your webinars to learn something from you. A common mistake is to use webinars to promote products and services at all costs. People do not like to be sold to and will quickly leave a webinar like this.

Instead, focus on delivering quality content to your audience. Provide solutions to problems that people have in your niche. You will then have time to talk about your products and services after having satisfied the participants. Once the value delivery is over, your attendees will be more likely to listen to you talk about your offer.

5. Not making your Webinar Interactive

One of the biggest advantages of the webinar is that it is marketing content that enables interaction. In addition to the time spent with experts (an average webinar lasts 42 minutes), the possibility of interacting with them is one of the webinar’s greatest attractions for the attendee.

However, to succeed in triggering an exchange, it is necessary to know how to break the ice, respond to questions as soon as possible, and encourage participation. Sadly a lot of webinars overlook these important points.

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