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One of the things that people who be successful in running their own lawn care business-like is how you approach your work. Unlike, when you work for somebody else, you aren’t just doing time to punch the clock and come to a paycheck. The quest to build a business of your property is much more of an adventure and an immense, all-consuming preoccupation or hobby than it is “just a job”.

There is no such thing as “punching the clock” when you own the business. You are constantly thinking of alternatives to find new purchasers, come to the customers you have glad so they will keep you on and suggest you to others and to alright tune the business so you are productive and remunerative.

Customer service is far more than just a slogan when you make your living working for a roster of loyal purchasers. A business is not such as a grocery store. You do not have hundreds or thousands of purchasers. You may have a dozen or more when you embark out and maybe a hundred or so for an established business. Everything you do in building that business revolves around getting and retaining purchasers. You don’t just think about purchaser service, you live and breathe it.

There is one principle of purchaser service that is one of those untapped tricks of the trade that successful lawn care professionals know. That principle is, “always seek for an alternative to do something for your purchaser for free.” This may seem to run contrary to the concept of working for generating income. But there could be no more potent alternative to get new purchasers and to cement an existing purchaser as one who will remain with you for years than to once in a while finding an alternative to give them a few services that are above and beyond the call of task.

A giveaway is an outstanding alternative to land new business mainly in an extremely competitive market. although you are talking to a potential purchaser that you connect to via a reference, nothing gets your foot in the door better than selling the first session of lawn care at no cost. You can present this as a trial offer so the purchaser can get a feel for the quality work you do. Make it no responsibility so the customer realizes he or she can enjoy the free service and not have to sit by way of a sales pitch. You are absolutely letting your work stand on its own two feet.

When you go to a job site every week and spend some hours there, it is simple to see things that can be completed for the purchaser. This is specifically true of a residential purchaser. You may see a tree branch that should be taken down or removed from the property or a section of a fence that could use some nails. Part of your maintenance on the account is to visit with the purchaser either to deliver the bill, discuss future work, or elect a check.

If you offer to watch out for that small job that you or your crew identified for free, that can endear you to that purchaser. That small free service will come back to you in purchaser loyalty and in lots of referrals that will serve to grow your business easily because you took the time to be cool and do something at no cost for the good purchasers that you have.

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