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Techniques For Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

There are many exercises you can do to unleash the power of your subconscious. However, it is recommended that you choose just one to start with. The goal is to be fully focused and to avoid dispersing.

1. visualization

The subconscious is very sensitive to the power of images. It has no temporal notion and evolves in an eternal present. This means that when you imagine that you have accomplished a goal, your subconscious will not distinguish between what will be achieved in the future, and the desire already fulfilled.

This representation will trigger the same physiological effects in you as in reality. You will therefore feel positive emotions which will strengthen your . There is a ripple effect where your subconscious will be even more stimulated.

Each day spends about 10 minutes visualizing positive scenes of what you want to accomplish in your life.

Here are some visualization examples, if you need some inspiration:

  • An exciting job
  • A beautiful house
  • Holidays in a dream destination
  • Constructive and healthy relationships
  • Anything you want to manifest in your life

To increase the power of visualization even further, be sure to emit strong positive emotions. By doing this consistently, you will eliminate everything that slows you down on a daily basis (fears, worries, doubts …)


are short sentences, which you send to your subconscious, to direct your thoughts towards the goals you want to achieve. All the affirmations that you repeat to yourself over and over again will transform your life and shape your mind. Your thoughts will become a powerful tool in creating your reality.

In order for exercise to work and provide fast results, you must follow these few rules:

Affirmations should be positive and formulated in the present tense. Your subconscious, as mentioned earlier, has no notion of time and simply recognizes the present moment. A future or negative formulation will therefore have no effect since it is not compatible with your subconscious.

Your emotions should be in line with your statements. Whatever words you say, make an effort to feel the corresponding emotions. Your subconscious will be more inclined to believe it.

Be regular and diligent. Affirmations only work if you repeat them several times a day. Make them part of your morning or evening routine so you don’t forget them.

3. The influence of your environment

Your subconscious follows the same relentless logic as a computer. It is indifferent to the nature of the environment in which you live. He is simply content to form his beliefs blindly on the basis of all the information received and heard. If you are constantly exposed to negative thoughts or live with people complaining all day long, your plans and mood will suffer.

Surround yourself with good energies and agree to sort out your relationships. Leave room to welcome new people who match your values and your current outlook. Focus on people that pull you up and energize you.

It is important to be consistent and diligent to see the results of your programming. As soon as you start to experience positive results it will provide you with the motivation to do more. Stick to your daily sessions, and know that these changes are long-lasting, powerful, and worth investing in.

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