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What Should Be Included on Your Resume?

Any good resume must serve its primary purpose and that’s to get the interviewer interested to consider you as a potential person to hire. It is important to know what the job requires, so you can match that with your past experiences and achievements.

This creates a strong impression on the employer that you might be who they are looking for. Do not impress them with inaccurate facts though as this will damage your integrity and will adversely affect your character to your current and future employers.


Here are some things you should include in your resume to increase the chances of being hired.

1 - Personal information needed to reach you

You can start by putting a header that has your personal information such as, full name, current address, mobile phone number and email address. For obvious reasons, the employer should know how to reach you should you be shortlisted for the interview.

You can also include a professional-looking photo. This gives the employer an impression on how personable you are.

2 - At-A-Glance

Create a section that says At-A-Glance. Basically, it’s a summary of who you are professionally. This part includes your key achievements and what makes you a match for the job posting. This part is usually composed of one paragraph, no more than 200 to 300 words, and usually comes after the personal information section.

You can start this by enumerating the key character traits that you possess, that has made you successful in your current and past work experience. Some things that you might evaluate are traits such as resourcefulness, accountable, persevering, reliable, team player etc. You can do a self-assessment to determine which ones do you have and indicate how you’ve used those in accomplishing your key achievements.

3 – Past jobs and Key Achievements

Depending on what the job posting is about, the next section should include your work experience, starting from the most recent. Include the company name, address, position you occupied and for how long. This section will inform the employer about what positions have you occupied and if that history creates a rich background for you to take on their current job opening.

Under each job position, put your key achievements. These can be in bullet form. Usually, key achievements are linked to your key performance indicators (KPIs) from your previous or current job. They are usually measurable and are time bound. Indicate two to three key achievements.

4 – Character References

Most people put “Available upon request” under the Reference section of their resume, but including two to three character references in your resume creates a strong impression to employers. It sends a message that you are confident to have your character to be evaluated.

You can put your previous immediate supervisors or life mentors, if you have one, as character references. Make sure you put their current contact details, and that you’ve secured their permission to share this information.

Going through your actual job application, you are best to gauge how to adjust and tweak your resumes. The items above should keep you started, but feel free to keep updating yourself on evolving best practices in crafting the best resume.

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