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Social media marketing is also abbreviated as SMM. It means attracting traffic through social channels available on the internet today. It is a definite boon for small business owners. They now do not have to look further for new customers. It is not much easier for such business owners to sell low-cost products and services to their target audiences. Chances are that your target audience is dealing with other brands on social media. So it’s time you get started with it too.

Reasons that may lead to progress in business with Social Media Marketing. There are lots of reasons as to why business organizations should be using social media for marketing and business purposes. Here are six compelling reasons:

social media marketing


Any sort of presence on the social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest help in building you as a brand. This is very helpful for a small business owner.

Word of mouth marketing

The best part about social media marketing is that it creates a ripple effect. The moment your product or service is talked about liked or discussed it reaches another network instantly. This is a definite word of mouth marketing, and nothing beats it.

Reputation management

Social media proves to be an instant thermometer of your brand. It tells you what your customers think about you and your services. It helps you change your marketing plans almost instantly, without having to waste much money on something that is not working. Two-way communication with customers is a great reputation management check for any firm here.

Find out what works and what doesn’t

Social media marketing helps you to save a lot of time on testing of your products and services. The response you get from marketing your products or services on social channels is almost instant. So you practically know what is working and what is not.

Helps with search engine rankings- If your brand is being talked about over social media channels constantly, you automatically increase your search engine rankings. Your social profiles give prospective clients options such as ‘follow’, ‘like’ and more. This way your network builds and so does your SEO rankings.

Cost-effective marketing and advertising alternative

To start a social media page requires practically $0.00. Yes, that’s true. You can register online on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and start your page today. To build your network will definitely take some humble investment. But it would be worth it completely.


Social media is an excellent way of creating a viral network or buzz about your brand. If done correctly, this can bring laurels to your brand instantly. It is now a necessity for a business to thrive online on social channels in order to get the real sense of its customers. Today, with great analytics available you can target and re-target audiences after much deliberation. This way saving money on marketing is much easier because you spend on what works for you.


social media marketing
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